Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1 Peter 4:12 Dear Friends, Do Not Be Surprised At The Painful Trial You Are Suffering, As Though Something Strange Were Happening To You. But Rejoice That You Participate In The Sufferings Of Christ, So That You May Be Overjoyed When His Glory Is Revealed.

How do we rejoice when we are in pain? We rejoice not because of where we are now. We rejoice because of where we are going in the future. Our present may afflict us in many ways. We may die in our present time and life as a result of Satan's attacks but even if we die, we shall overcome all things. We must tell the truth. Because of Christ Jesus, because we have turned away from our present darkness of sin, because we have accepted Christ into our innermost being, we are invincible. Sure, we hurt today, and we may hurt tomorrow. However, we shall see a day of great rejoicing where all the souls of heaven sing in His glory for all time. Christ suffered. We suffered. When we take on His sufferings for His cause and because He called us to be His children, His glory becomes our immediate and eternal reality.

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