Monday, August 1, 2011

Luke 12:48 But The One Who Does Not Know And Does Things Deserving Punishment Will Be Beaten With Few Blows. From Everyone Who Has Been Given Much, Much Will Be Demanded; And From The One Who Has Been Entrusted With Much, Much More Will Be Asked.

For each of us, there is reason and purpose in the unfairness of our suffering. Our pain makes for a great unfairness in life. So many times we see the unfairness but we do not understand the unfairness. It would seem unfair for so many people to have an apparent life of ease when they do not deserve such a life. Conversely, it would seem unfair for a person to have a life of pain and hardship when a life of pain and hardship seems undeserved. However, God is a difficult task-master at times in this life. In this life, God wants our best, even when we are at out worst. God wants us to find victory even in the worst moments of our seeming defeat. This verse explains to us why life seems unfair. Life seems unfair because God wants more than our all. The more God gives us, the more God wants us to produce for Him and for His kingdom. We might not like this part of God's will. However, this part of God's will exists to bring His glory upon the earth. God is not about the easy way. God is not about the broad way where all things are free and easy. God's way is not about the easy way of evil. God's way is about the hard narrow road. Even to the very end of our life, God's way is so often narrow and difficult. However, God's difficult narrow way leads to an eternity with Him. God's narrow way leads to an eternity of ease, joy, bliss, love, and wonderment the magnitude of which we cannot know nor express.

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