Thursday, August 4, 2011

Romans 4:20 Yet He Did Not Waver Through Unbelief Regarding The Promise Of God, But Was Strengthened In His Faith And Gave Glory To God,

The greatest gift and glory we can give to God is our faithfulness even in our pain. Our terrible enemy, Satan, wants to destroy our faith. Satan wants us to curse God and blame God for every ill, every adversity, and every pain. For this very reason, we must never relent in our faith in God, never give up our faith, and never turn away from God in any circumstance. Even when we are not sure…even when we may not know…we must hold and treasure the promise of a new time, a new day, even a new life within our soul now and a new life to come in the bliss of our hereafter. For when we hold on in the here and now, we have a mighty power who owns the hereafter. In Christ's hereafter of love and grace, He shall be with us and empower us in His love forever. Giving God the glory even when our moments are rotten, enhances God power in others here on earth. Giving God the glory in love, even in your moments of desperation, magnifies Him in every part of your life…now and forever.

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