Monday, August 22, 2011

Ephes. 6:10 Finally, Be Strong In The Lord And In His Mighty Power. 11 Put On The Full Armor Of God So That You Can Take Your Stand Against The Devil's Schemes.

We are weak. When we are in pain we are even weaker. Satan does not want us being strong because we then have the power to resist Him or stand against Him. We need the full armor of God so we can do battle against Satan and his evil influence in our life. We need the Lord's mighty power. All the time we are weak and helpless, the Lord God, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit are in us, around us, over us, and under us. Sure, we are often blindsided by evil and by the pain evil puts on us. However, we must continually wage war against the powers of this world, namely Satan. We must never just let evil have its way with us. We must never try to be a pacifist with evil. We must be ready to attack evil by praying, fasting, and meditating upon the mighty love of God.

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