Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deut. 7:7 The Lord Did Not Set His Affection On You And Choose You Because You Were More Numerous Than Other Peoples, For You Were The Fewest Of All Peoples. 8 But It Was Because The Lord Loved You And Kept The Oath He Swore To Your Forefathers That He Brought You Out With A Mighty Hand And Redeemed You From The Land Of Slavery, From The Power Of Pharaoh King Of Egypt.

If the Lord loves me, then why am I in pain? If the Lord loves me, why doesn't He make my pain go away? These questions have been asked millions, perhaps billions of times. These questions deserve answers. One answer to these questions is: because Satan hates you at the same time God loves you. Satan hates you so much Satan will eventually take away your earthly life. God through Christ His Son loves you so much Christ came to earth to save you so you can live in heaven forever…free of all pain, free of all hurt, living in peace, love, and harmony with God forever and ever. Why doesn't God stop Satan now so my suffering will stop? For this question we do not have a ready satisfying answer. One answer to this question about why God does not stop Satan is "It is not time yet for God to act." This answer is a "you have to wait" answer. This answer even leaves us in a place where we can doubt God loves us. However, we must keep our faith in Christ until we see Him face to face. No matter how much we hurt, or no matter how many unanswered questions remain in our heart, mind, and soul, we must push onward every moment to our eternal shining moment when we are at last, Home with God.

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