Sunday, July 31, 2011

Philip. 4:13 I Can Do Everything Through Him Who Gives Me Strength.

We are weak. We are heavy-laden. We are powerless on so many levels. Our pain makes us even weaker. We can do more and be more even in our pain…all through the power of God. We have no way seeing our impact upon the world. If we could see our life and our struggles, we would also see our victories in Christ our Savior. Mind you, we do have victories and many of them. The Lord keeps us blind to power so we will remain His humble servants. He knows the impact of our life. He knows the greatest moments of our life are those moments we spend in humble submission as we do His work and will. But what about that word "everything?" Certainly no one can do everything in the world. However, Christ has made it so we can do everything He needs us to do. Even in our pain, Christ makes a way for us to do everything He has deemed us to do.

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