Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 Peter 5:8 Be Self-Controlled And Alert. Your Enemy The Devil Prowls Around Like A Roaring Lion Looking For Someone To Devour. 9 Resist Him, Standing Firm In The Faith, Because You Know That Your Brothers Throughout The World Are Undergoing The Same Kind Of Sufferings.

Satan puts suffering upon you to break you down. Once Satan has broken you, you are Satan's to do with as he pleases. As terrible as these words sound, the truth is obvious. Satan wants slavery. Satan wants you in some form of chains to be bound up by him. We must resist the wiles of Satan. We must resist being broken down by pain and suffering. No matter how much we suffer, Christ will give us power to resist. Eventually, we shall overcome as we live in glory with Christ. We are not the only ones to suffer. Millions, perhaps even billions of people, are suffering much the same way we are suffering. We must resist and fight back against the power of darkness wanting us to give up and give in. To resist and be victorious in this life, we must be self-controlled. Satan does not want us to be self-controlled because if we lose our self-control, then Satan has us in his grasp. When we have self-control, we are able to control our responses to our pain thus permitting Christ to speak to us, even in the depths of our darkness.

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