Saturday, August 27, 2011

Romans 8:23 Not Only So, But We Ourselves, Who Have The Firstfruits Of The Spirit, Groan Inwardly As We Wait Eagerly For Our Adoption As Sons, The Redemption Of Our Bodies.

Our bodies are not redeemed in this life. Our bodies on earth are continually attacked and caught up in the temptations Satan puts upon us. Yet we do wait eagerly, even more so because of our pain, for the time when our bodies are changed when we go up to be with Christ in heaven. Our life takes on meaning and purpose because we have the great hope of Christ. What a tragedy is the life of those persons who have no hope, who have no vision of the future, whose future is full of nothing but the outer darkness full of Satan's torment! For those of us whose hope is in Christ, we know we have a future of glory divine. We know Christ will welcome us into our heavenly home full of the immensity of His love. Knowing all this, we can wait patiently even in our pain. We can wait patiently for we know He loves us more than we can express.

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