Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Genesis 32:28 Then The Man Said, "Your Name Will No Longer Be Jacob, But Israel, Because You Have Struggled With God And With Men And Have Overcome."

Those of us who live in pain struggle. We can look around and think we see people who lost the struggle. We look around and can see people who finally gave up because they couldn't keep going. No matter what we see, in terms of the losses of this world, we are still supposed to hang on and fight to the very end. Certainly, the very end can be full of the bitter fruits of our pain but the millisecond past the end…YEE HA!!!! What we do not see is how we overcome in our struggle. When our pain is unrelenting and unforgiving, we are blinded to the fact we can overcome the world when we reach up to Christ. When we are old, our days on earth grow shorter and we know it. Even in our struggles of old age, we must be like Jacob and struggle onward. What we achieve when we overcome is infinite and infinity in Christ's love. What we achieve when we struggle onward cannot be measured in any human way. Every time we want to stop but we struggle on, inch by inch to be God's child, we bless God and His kingdom. On earth and in heaven there are angels. When we want to quit, the Lord's angels surround us to tell us "just a while longer."

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