Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matthew 4:10 Jesus Said To Him, "Away From Me, Satan! For It Is Written: 'Worship The Lord Your God, And Serve Him Only.'" 11 Then The Devil Left Him, And Angels Came And Attended Him.

Each of us must take a stand against Satan. We must never give up our war against Satan. We must do all we can to drive satanic evil out of our lives. We are not perfect. We will lose battles in this war. However, we may lose battles but the ultimate outcome of this war against Satan has already been determined. If we maintain our war against Satan, then Satan looses and Christ wins. When we permit Christ to win in us and through us, we win. When we wage war against Satan, the angels of God surround us and lift us up. Eventually, as we battle onward, the angels of God will lift us up to heaven one last and glorious time. No pain must ever deter us. No pain must ever divert us from doing the Lord's work.

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