Sunday, August 28, 2011

Matthew 24:6 And Ye Shall Hear Of Wars And Rumours Of Wars: See That Ye Be Not Troubled: For All These Things Must Come To Pass, But The End Is Not Yet.

We live in troubling times. Unemployment, financial chaos, war, natural disasters, crime, international troubles, stock market gyrations, on and on the list could go. When we live in pain we live in our own troubled time. Yet, we must affirm the end of all things is not yet upon us. We must affirm our own end shall not be an end, but a glorious new beginning going on forever. In troubling times, we must draw close to Jesus. We must call upon Him to let us know in ever-increasing ways how He is always with us whether we are in pain or not in pain. At any age, no matter our condition, we serve a mighty God who loves us and cares about us in ways we cannot always know. Even in pain we must trust Him, believe in Him, and call upon Him in our time of trouble knowing full well He will never desert us or leave us.

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