Friday, August 19, 2011

Hebrews 1:2-3 But In These Last Days He Has Spoken To Us By His Son, Whom He Appointed Heir Of All Things, And Through Whom He Made The Universe. 3 The Son Is The Radiance Of God's Glory And The Exact Representation Of His Being, Sustaining All Things By His Powerful Word. After He Had Provided Purification For Sins, He Sat Down At The Right Hand Of The Majesty In Heaven.

Look at the words and phrases…"last days"…"heir of all things"…"made the universe"…"radiance of God's glory"…"exact representation"…"sustaining all things"…"purification"…"Majesty in heaven"

When our pain is raging, even raging against us, we have difficulty immersing ourselves into the meaning and power of these words. Those of us who have suffered for decades understand "last days" not only means the days just before Jesus returns, we understand "last days" means our remaining few days before we see Him face to face. The words "heir of all things" means to those of us who suffer that Christ will take all things into His being and in His being we shall not suffer anymore. To us, "made the universe" means what He made He shall unmake to restore all of us to a time and place where pain shall never exist again. The words "radiance of God's glory" means this glory shall beam into our being and in His glory we are healed. "Exact representation" means Jesus is exactly like God, and God is exactly like Jesus. We know the miracles Jesus did before He will do for us now or later. "Sustaining all things" means God and Jesus are holding us in the palm of their hand. Although we hurt, God and Jesus are holding us up until they take us on our glorious last ride into glory-land. The word "purification" for those of us in pain means there will be a future day when our ills, dysfunctions, sicknesses, and issues shall be purified away in God's glory and grace. Finally, there is the phrase "Majesty in heaven." We yearn, we yearn with a burning desire, to see, be with, and be a part of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit…all of which are the Majesty in Heaven.

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