Wednesday, August 17, 2011

John 10:17 The Reason My Father Loves Me Is That I Lay Down My Life--Only To Take It Up Again.

What does Jesus laying down His life only to take it up again have to do with your life and your pain? Let's look at things this way. Let's say you have been in pain for a very very long time. You want your pain to leave because your life is the pits when you are hurting. If you lived your life, ignored Christ, and died in your pain, wouldn't your ultimate punishment be eternal pain or eternal pain of nothingness? To hurt is one thing, but to hurt for no reason and to end up in just a black nothing after you hurt so much in this life is the ultimate hurt of hurts. Jesus died so you could live forever pain free. We do not know all about heaven because we have never been there. What we do know is there is no hurt in heaven. The power and influence of Satan joyfully creates your hurt. There is no hurt in heaven because the power and influence of Satan is kept out of heaven. You have an opportunity to have an eternal pain-free life because Christ gave up His life for you. Christ gave up His life so you would have a chance to live forever. This very moment as you read these words, Christ is calling you to turn away from the power of Satan in your life. Turn away from your sin and sinful desires. Turn away from Satan always making you hurt. Turn away and accept Christ as the only power who can save you form the worst hurt of all…eternal outer darkness full of nothing except torment.

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