Sunday, March 11, 2012

Titus 3:3 At One Time We Too Were Foolish, Disobedient, Deceived And Enslaved By All Kinds Of Passions And Pleasures. We Lived In Malice And Envy, Being Hated And Hating One Another. 4 But When The Kindness And Love Of God Our Savior Appeared, 5 He Saved Us, Not Because Of Righteous Things We Had Done, But Because Of His Mercy.

In pain, we can feel like we have lost a big part of our life. Pain robs us of our capacity to experience meaning and purpose because pain dominates our capacity to think and feel. Pain brings with it a form of living death. Our inner life seems to die when we are under painful attack. We not only seem to lose our inner life, we can lose meaningful contact with others and with God. Pain takes away our abilities relating to our job, career, family, and even taking away our ability to speak to and hear God. Pain brings on depression. The depression can make us feel there is no life within us. In those times when life within us seems not to exist, God DOES exist. When we feel dead inside, we must remember the kingdom of God is within us. We must remember the kingdom of God within us does not just blank out or disappear when we feel pain. The kingdom of God and God Himself is always, always, always living and alive within us. In life's darkest moments of our pain, we can stop the deadness within us by remembering God is love. In His love, there is a light of love within us every minute. The pain of the present moment can be lessened if we take our burdens to Christ who also lives within us.

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