Sunday, March 4, 2012

Proverbs 4:25 Let Your Eyes Look Straight Ahead, Fix Your Gaze Directly Before You. 26 Make Level Paths For Your Feet And Take Only Ways That Are Firm. 27 Do Not Swerve To He Right Or The Left; Keep Your Foot From Evil.

In pain, common sense can fail us. Pain clouds our mind and distorts our judgment. In pain, common sense may speak, but we do not always listen. Pain is a destructive power in our life. In your daily walk, the powers of darkness and evil do not want you looking straight ahead. The powers of darkness use pain to disrupt your common sense and spiritual foundation. The satanic powers of darkness use pain to distract you while placing all kinds of temptations, enticements, and distractions in front of you. However, in your daily walk where you battle pain and the many distractions, temptations, and enticements, Christ walks with you. When you consider the pain Christ suffered, you will find the power to push away all distractions, temptations, and enticements. When you kneel at the foot of His Cross, you are empowered to walk His path even in pain. With Christ as your guide, you will be the straight and true person He always meant for you to be.

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