Tuesday, March 6, 2012

John 20:21 Again Jesus Said, "Peace Be With You! As The Father Has Sent Me, I Am Sending You."

Christ suffered for us. He was sent by His Father in heaven to be the Lord's suffering servant for all people on earth. We too are called by God to suffer if necessary to do the Lord's work on earth. In our heart, we know we may be called to suffer when we do His work. Our pain and suffering come from Satan, not from God. When we stand firm against the satanic evil of pain and suffering, we glorify God. Of all the purposes we might believe we are called to fulfill on earth, our highest purpose is glorifying God. When we glorify God even when we are in pain, the Lord will pour out His mighty blessings on us now and in the infinite days to come. When we lose sight of Christ's suffering upon the cross, we will become selfish and our own suffering will become important. When we see Christ suffering upon the cross then our own suffering becomes totally unimportant.

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