Friday, March 2, 2012

Luke 12:29 And Do Not Set Your Heart On What You Will Eat Or Drink; Do Not Worry About It. 30 For The Pagan World Runs After All Such Things, And Your Father Knows That You Need Them. 31 But Seek His Kingdom, And These Things Will Be Given To You As Well.

In our pain we seek diversions to keep our mind off our pain. In diversions rests great evil desiring to take us away from our Lord. We must never look upon the glamour of the world with a lust for the glamour. We must never look upon the wealth of the world with a lust for wealth. Our pain makes us want to sin. Our pain takes our heart and destroys the place of God within us. In all matters, at all times, we must be honest and humble before our Lord. When we are in pain, we are more susceptible to the wiles of Satan. In our pain, we must be on guard so we do not falter because faltering breaks the heart of God. When you seek God first, you can do more with less while you earn more with what you have.

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