Thursday, March 1, 2012

Luke 18:28 Peter Said To Him, "We Have Left All We Had To Follow You!" 29 "I Tell You The Truth," Jesus Said To Them, "No One Who Has Left Home Or Wife Or Brothers Or Parents Or Children For The Sake Of The Kingdom Of God 30 Will Fail To Receive Many Times As Much In This Age And, In The Age To Come, Eternal Life."

Our pain makes us want to turn away from the kind of sacrifice that causes us to be in more pain than we experience in the present moment. The path of Christ is difficult for those who do not live in pain. Christ's path for those of us who do live in pain is even more difficult. As His children who have accepted Christ as Savior and Lord, we must never use our pain as some kind of excuse not to give our all in His service. We must be unrelenting in doing His work. Pain must never be an excuse. We must be tough as nails but soft, kind, caring, and compassionate. Walking Christ's path is a lonely walk, more so if we must endure hurt, heartache, and pain. The sacrifice we make for Christ is seen by Him, known by Him, and embraced by Him. Every moment we live for Him is a moment stored up in Heaven. No matter how much of a price we pay as Christ's child, the price we pay is nothing compared to the price Christ paid for us on the cross. When we walk, stumble, and even crawl our way down His difficult road, we glorify His holy name. We must remember all of our pain and suffering for Him is worth it. What we give to Him brings to us a glorious reward. What glory we will see! What love we will feel! What rejoicing we will find!

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