Friday, March 9, 2012

John 10:2. The Man Who Enters By The Gate Is The Shepherd Of His Sheep. 3 The Watchman Opens The Gate For Him, And The Sheep Listen To His Voice. He Calls His Own Sheep By Name And Leads Them Out.

God hears us. He knows our pain. God speaks to us in a language of love we do not know much about because we do not hear the Lord's special language of love very often. God's voice is full of tender mercies. He continually calls us to be His child, even when we are in the utmost rebellion. We can hear God speaking to us when we empty out all the garbage in our life. Our pain makes us accumulate garbage in our heart, mind, and soul. When we are willing to open our heart to the fullest possible extent to Christ, He tells us how much He loves us. When we open our heart to Christ, He inevitably leads us to His cross so divine. At the cross we are immersed in God's love…His love reaching us at the very point of our pain. When we hold our pain out to Christ for His healing touch He does not disappoint us. In His special language of love, our pain, our hurt, our troubles, our loneliness, and our problems are all soothed by His tender voice telling us He loves us.

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