Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Job 5:19 From Six Calamities He Will Rescue You; In Seven No Harm Will Befall You.

Why do we have pain? In most every case, we do not have pain or afflictions because we want them. We have pain because pain is put upon us by Satan. We have no choice about whether Satan afflicts us with pain. We do have a choice about how we respond to the pain. In responding to the pain, we can spend years searching for a higher meaning of the pain or we can start using the pain to glorify God. Many people find the pain so disabling, which the pain can be, searching for a higher meaning can lead to a form of power over the pain. To try to use an affliction can be the most difficult of tasks. The short answer to the question "Why do we have pain?" is…to glorify God.

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