Saturday, March 10, 2012

John 10:4 When He Has Brought Out All His Own, He Goes On Ahead Of Them, And His Sheep Follow Him Because They Know His Voice. 5 But They Will Never Follow A Stranger; In Fact, They Will Run Away From Him Because They Do Not Recognize A Stranger's Voice."

In trials and pain, we need a voice of comfort, kindness, understanding and compassion. We need to hear the Lord speaking to us. The Lord speaks to us every moment. If we try, we can not only hear God's voice, we can also experience Him within our heart. In our pain-filled days, Christ will guide us and lead us. He will give us His blessed assurance. Even in our pain, we can experience the reality of God's presence. Although we might think God is not a being of love because we hurt, we must not be deceived. Satan is the author of pain. God is the author of peace and comfort. Satan wants to cast all of us into a pit of eternal pain and torment. God wants us to spend eternity with Him in peace, love, and joy unending. When we are tired and irritable, when we are angry, when we are full of pain, when we have been pushed to the limits of our ability to cope, there is for us a wave of kindness floating down from Heaven.

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