Monday, March 5, 2012

Acts 20:35 In Everything I Did, I Showed You That By This Kind Of Hard Work We Must Help The Weak, Remembering The Words The Lord Jesus Himself Said: `It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive.'"

Human beings are selfish beings. Pain makes us often think more of ourselves instead of thinking of others. When times of pain come into our life we are even more selfish. When we reflect, we can see how being selfish is not in God's will for us. Being like Christ means you are to give to others in love. When you give to others in love you do the opposite of what the pain wants you to do. Putting others first, even before the pain, expresses the love of God to others. By putting others before yourself and your pain, you become a blessing to God and His power on the earth. You may not be able to make your pain go away. However, you can be an instrument for God's peace and love in the world this very hour. Pushing aside our own wants and needs in favor of helping others with their wants and needs gives others meaning and purpose because we were humble. The healing power of our humility adds to our storehouse in heaven where Christ stores up our most heavenly things.

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