Saturday, March 3, 2012

Psalm 25:15 My Eyes Are Ever On The LORD, For Only He Will Release My Feet From The Snare.

Pain puts us in a snare or prison from which it seems we have no escape. We may see our life and circumstances in pain the same way we see prison bars because pain puts us in a form of prison. Within the prison of our pain we do have the choice of looking up into the heavens. Beyond the heavens rests our infinite God full of His infinite love for each of us. In pain, we tend to think only of our pain. In pain, we use all of our resources to focus our attention on getting rid of our pain or upon the pain itself. Our pain traps our attention. In our pain, we focus upon our hurt. When we are trapped by pain, God is the way to our freedom.

When you face a grim circumstance in your life, one way or another, sooner or later, God will come to the rescue and give you freedom if you look up to Him. When you immerse your heart, mind, soul, and body in Christ's love He gives you a freedom you can find only in Him.

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