Saturday, July 2, 2011

John 15:7 If You Remain In Me And My Words Remain In You, Ask Whatever You Wish, And It Will Be Given You.

Question: OK, if these words are true, and I've given my life and soul over to Christ, and I have remained in Him by being faithful, why am I still in pain? Why am I still sick? Why has healing not come to me?

Answer: The game is not over yet. There is more time to put in. There is more work for you to do. I know these are hard words to accept. These are seemingly impossible words to accept. To try and accept these words, do all you can to let His love live within you. His words in you are the same as His love within you. Before you pray today, rest for awhile and let His love pour over you. Let His love sink in and become a part of you. Remember, some day soon, we know not exactly when, you shall live for eternity in Him and your pain will never come back.

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