Thursday, July 14, 2011

Matthew 9:29 Then He Touched Their Eyes And Said, "According To Your Faith Will It Be Done To You";

In pain, your faith is weakened. In pain, your faith can be made as nothing. But why? Answer: In pain your faith is diminished because Satan wants your faith diminished. Satan causes the pain. Satan causes the pain knowing the outcome of the pain is a diminished ability to believe, hope, and trust in the power of God. Of course you must put forth the effort toward believing, hoping, and trusting. However, the pain still weakens you no matter what motions we show. You must remember, even when you are weakened by your pain, even when you force yourself to go through the motions, God is still with you in His love and grace. God loves you for trying, even when your faith is weak. Christ knows you need Him. Christ knows you need Him in ways even you do not know. Christ knows all your needs. When you have the faith to battle through your pain, Christ Jesus will bless you and keep you forever. Even when you fall short because of your pain, Christ cares more about what you try to do for Him than about what you think you are accomplishing for Him.

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