Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ephes. 4:2 Be Completely Humble And Gentle; Be Patient, Bearing With One Another In Love.

When you hurt you are not patient. When you hurt you are not gentle because the pain destroys so much of your heart and soul. When you hurt you turn selfish and bearing with one another can seem to be an impossible burden. So what do you do when you hurt? You are to do as the Lord tells you to do. Let the pain make you more humble. Let the pain make you gentler than in the past. Go against your hurting heart, mind, soul, and body to be more patient. When you hurt, even if bearing another's burdens makes you hurt more, help others carry their burdens. Do all these things, even in your pain, and the Lord Jesus will bless you and keep you in greater measure now and in eternity. You will see Him. You will hear Him. In eternity you will live with His joy and peace in real time in a place where time is no more. In His eternity the impossible is the reality…His reality becomes your reality. In you and through you, peace, love, and joy shall abound forever.

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