Friday, July 15, 2011

Exodus 33:13 If You Are Pleased With Me, Teach Me Your Ways So I May Know You And Continue To Find Favor With You. Remember That This Nation Is Your People." 14 The Lord Replied, "My Presence Will Go With You, And I Will Give You Rest."

Nothing can wear us out like pain. Nothing can wear us down like pain. Truly, in pain we can be down and out. Only those of us who have suffered pain for an extended length of time can truly understand the soul-killing power of pain. So many times, in our pain we want to give up and give in. However, giving up and giving in is not the will of God for us. In the arms of Christ Jesus, our soul will never die no matter our pain. In Christ, we have a personal eternal power within us to keep us going until we see Him face to face. When we deal with pain, we must remember we are to reach above the horizon of this time and place so we connect to the power of God who is over us, under us, and all around us. We must not be content to sit in our present dark reality when the reality of Christ's eternal light and love is within our grasp. Instead, we must remind ourselves we possess an unlimited power beyond the invincible.

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