Saturday, July 30, 2011

1 Cor. 12:11 All These Are The Work Of One And The Same Spirit, And He Gives Them To Each One, Just As He Determines.

Pain makes things so unequal. When things are unequal we so often cry out "unfair" to others and even to God. No, a good, godly, righteous person does not deserve pain. So what is God doing or not doing here to put pain upon us? We must remember, God is not our source of pain. The advocate, Satan, the evil one delivers the terrible blows of pain upon us. But why doesn't God stop the pain? Certainly God has the power to stop the pain. Perhaps this will suffice as a partial answer. Imagine everything in our reality is a tiny piece of an infinite jig-saw puzzle. Every little piece has a certain place. In the perfect kingdom waiting for us, all the pieces fit together in perfect ways. In our present reality or our present kingdom where pain, suffering, and death occur, Satan has made pieces of the puzzle not fit together as the pieces should. At the same time, God is with us, trying to get us to move pieces of our puzzle around so when we see Him, the utmost perfection will be achieved. The utmost perfection will be achieved not just by God the Father, but by us working with God the Father in a time of communion with Him. Only God knows what we need as He determines. God will deliver to us the perfect way to make every piece of our life fit perfectly into His plans in a time of utmost perfection lasting forever.

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