Saturday, July 16, 2011

Matthew 25:14 "Again, It Will Be Like A Man Going On A Journey, Who Called His Servants And Entrusted His Property To Them. 15 To One He Gave Five Talents Of Money, To Another Two Talents, And To Another One Talent, Each According To His Ability. Then He Went On His Journey.

Does someone in pain, perhaps someone who lives in pain for years or decades, get off easy by God? Are those of us who live in pain held less responsible by God because we are in pain? Does God hold people in pain less responsible for their life and for the talents they hold than someone who is not in pain? Short answer: No. When we are in pain we have more of a load to carry than others not in pain. With increased pain comes increased expectations from God for us to live a more righteous and godly life. Our pain is not a talent as we think of talents. Our pain is not a blessing, at least on the surface. However, our pain can make us dig deeper for God's wisdom. Our pain can make us hone and sharpen our intellect. Our pain can make us more insightful and more humble before our Lord and Master. So what are we to do with this hidden "talent" others would call a detriment but we call pain? Like all talents, we are to invest all God has given us for His glory and grace.

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