Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Luke 24:31 Then Their Eyes Were Opened And They Recognized Him, And He Disappeared From Their Sight. 32 They Asked Each Other, "Were Not Our Hearts Burning Within Us While He Talked With Us On The Road And Opened The Scriptures To Us?"

In pain, it seems we have the Lord then we do not have Him. Our pain blinds us and although we do not want it so, we lose Him. The point of this verse is this…He is with us always. Christ is not always visible to us. Although invisible to us, Christ is always with us in our heart, mind, and soul through the actions of the Holy Spirit. When we are lost, He is still with us to guide us. When we make mistakes, He is with us to give us needed corrections. Our weakness in faith is and will be bolstered when we look up to Him. Even in our weakness in faith, He will give us strength and make our hearts burn to do better to be righteous, holy, godly, and devout.

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