Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Psalm 23:2 He Maketh Me To Lie Down In Green Pastures: He Leadeth Me Beside The Still Waters.

If you are a lamb, lying down in green pastures is attractive because you will know when you get hungry you will have plenty to eat. If you are a lamb, you want still waters because moving water frightens you. In our pain, we want the comfort of rest...the kind of rest a lamb would find while lying down in green pastures. In our pain, we thirst for relief, the kind of relief we find only in drinking the living water of God. When we are in pain we can wonder "Where is God?" We can wonder "Why doesn't God do something?" In this verse, we find God actually doing something to help us, comfort us, nourish us, and quench our thirst. So often in our pain, we are not able to fend for ourselves like we might desire. Yet even in our pain, God is looking out for us. If we let God do His work in our life, even in our most painful moments, He will direct our path. He will set our destiny to a point where we glorify His name. If we open our hearts, we can see the Lord making us do His will, even when we are not aware. If we open our hearts, we can see the Lord leading us through our pain. In our pain, we serve a gentle and loving God. In our pain, we serve a loving God who will always be with us.

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