Saturday, May 28, 2011

John 14:3 And If I Go And Prepare A Place For You, I Will Come Again, And Receive You Unto Myself; That Where I Am, There Ye May Be Also.

We are not left upon the earth as orphans. Our pain cuts us off from others and from our world. We do not want to be cut off. We want to be one with others and with God. However, there is infinite and eternal hope for us, for those of us who suffer. Our hope is real and tangible. Our hope rests upon the reality of Christ, the reality of God, and the reality of the Holy Spirit. When we cast our suffering upon Christ, when we take our suffering to Him, we know He will take us in. He is now preparing a place for us, a place of love, peace, and dazzling grandeur made out of the majesty of His being. We know we will be with Him in the future. We do not know the hour or day but the hour or day makes no difference for our hope is greater than a calendar, clock, or date. We know we shall never have a moment of loneliness put on us ever again. Even now, even in our pain, our hope is our balm and comfort. If we look, we can see Him in a not too distant place waiting for us. All our earthly pain and sorrows will be replaced by joy in the eternal morning of new life with Him.

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