Friday, May 27, 2011

Romans 8:16 The Spirit Itself Beareth Witness With Our Spirit, That We Are The Children Of God

Our pain can consume our heart, mind, and soul. Our pain can cut us off from our reality. Although we know we have a parent or parents, our pain can make us think we have no mother and father. However, no matter how much we hurt, we are never without a parent who loves us and cares for us in infinite ways. No matter if we ever know our parent or parents on earth, we always have a Father in heaven. We are children of God and to Him we shall always belong. Our Lord does not leave us alone, even in our deepest pain, for He is always with us, caring for us, keeping us close within His heart. We must always grasp hold of Him with all our might, all our heart, and all our soul…especially when we hurt. The more we hold fast to Him, the more certain beyond all doubt, we shall see Him. We shall fully know beyond all doubt He is fully our Father in heaven.

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