Monday, May 23, 2011

1 John 4:13 We Know That We Live In Him And He In Us, Because He Has Given Us Of His Spirit.

The worst pain in the world is to be alone…as in loneliness. When we have accepted Christ, we are never alone. Even when we run away from God, even when we turn our back on God, even when our pain puts an impenetrable wall between us and God, we are never alone. Satan's attack upon us using satanic pain to kill our spirit tries to make us think there is no God. If Satan can make us think there is no God or God is out of our reach, we end up believing there is no God in our pain. However, we can never be separated from God because He lives in us. God lives in us and we live in Him. When we live in God and He within us, we will live forever. We will outlive our pain. Over God's timeless infinity of love, pain becomes nothing. The more we let His timeless infinity of love become part of our being in the here and now the more power we have over Satan's attacks.

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