Monday, April 30, 2012

Psalms 138:7 Though I Walk In The Midst Of Trouble, You Preserve My Life; You Stretch Out Your Hand Against The Anger Of My Foes, With Your Right Hand You Save Me.

When we face pain on a continual basis we can begin to think God no longer has any power. When we face pain we must continually, without ceasing, turn toward God. Even in those times when we think God no longer has any power, He no longer loves us, and He no longer hears our pleas for comfort, we must still kneel at the foot of His cross. When our faith erodes because of our pain, we can begin to want (even beg) God to work in our life to give us special favors. Pain does not give us some kind of special right or privilege before God. We must proclaim God's power and love over our life even when we may face pain on a daily basis. When we are in pain, we are at the center of the battle between God and Satan. The war being waged over us by God and Satan is for our soul. Our destiny in eternity is determined by how we stand up against Satan's attacks. Like the Psalmist noted above, God's right hand through Christ does indeed save us so we may live in heaven forever and never again have to face a painful life here on earth.

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