Saturday, April 14, 2012

Romans 8:28 And We Know That In All Things God Works For The Good Of Those Who Love Him, Who Have Been Called According To His Purpose.

Pain cancels out love. Pain cancels out our sense of His purpose. Because of what pain does to our heart, life, and soul we must, we absolutely must maintain a will of steel for Christ. In pain, we must not be reduced down to whimpering babies. When we suffer, we must be adults even when we are not yet adults. By maintaining an iron will, by being unrelenting in holding on to Christ and His love no matter what happens to us, even in our pain we will know in the deepest part of our soul God really does work for our good. We will know our purpose in life, even if we cannot get to a place where we can do our purpose at the moment. When we win in our pain, when we maintain our iron will and keep His commands, we will likely not be met by a parade to celebrate our victory. When we win in our pain, our victory will likely be known only to us and to Christ. Our victory will affirm for us, even in tiny ways, God is working for us even if we cannot work for Him like we might want.

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