Sunday, April 22, 2012

Psalms 103:13 As A Father Has Compassion On His Children, So The Lord Has Compassion On Those Who Fear Him;

Sin blinds us. The last thing many people want to hear when they hurt is someone pounding on them about sin. However, the realities of life are such that when we hurt we have difficulty experiencing God's compassion. Tragically, when sin blinds us we keep on going to the trough of sin, over and over again. Even when we hurt, we still must make every effort to live a righteous life. When we let our pain blind us we pile trouble on top of trouble. Even if we have to go to Christ every day by only going through the motions, going through the motions is better than letting sin rule over us, which is what Satan wants to do. There is no part of our life we must guard more diligently than the place in our heart where our faith resides. Even a weak faith is a mighty force for God. You must keep going when you think you cannot go on. You must keep on believing when you think you can no longer believe. You must keep on praying when you think you can pray no more. Even when all you can do is whisper a tiny thought in prayer, Jesus hears you and He will indeed be with you until the end of the age.

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