Saturday, April 7, 2012

John 14:1 "Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled. Trust In God; Trust Also In Me."

Our pain is like a plague upon us. Our pain troubles us and infects our heart, mind, soul, and body. However, no matter what our pain tries to do to us, Christ is our comfort. When our pain seems to come from out of nowhere in a mysterious kind of attack, we can still trust in Christ who is our shield and defender. What are we supposed to think when it seems we are not being defended? Where is Christ when our pain comes and does not leave us? In these dark moments, we are to still trust in God. We are to still trust in God because there will come a time when all our burdens shall be lifted from us. There will come a time when our life will be immersed totally and completely in His glory and grace. Our trust in God will give us not just a great reward, but an infinite reward in eternity mere words cannot begin to express. We cannot know how great eternity might be because our mind, heart, and soul cannot measure eternity. Once again, we must trust God to keep us within His love both now and forever more.

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