Sunday, July 1, 2012

Matthew 5:4 Blessed Are Those Who Mourn, For They Will Be Comforted.

Question: "I fear I have lost my soul. I have lost the part of me I have used to contact God. I used to know He was listening. However, now I seem to be unable to get beyond my pain. My pain, it seems, has won and defeated the part of me I use to make contact with Him. I weep inwardly. I weep on the outside. A big part of me has given up. I know my life is not over but sometimes, perhaps too often, I want to see heaven, see Jesus, and all those who went before me. My pain is wearing me down and wearing me out. What do I do? What can you tell me about what to do next?"

Answer: Answers are not always easily found when people are in pain. Perhaps this answer will guide you and support you in your daily walk.

Things to remember...

We cannot take giant leaps like superman. However, we can take baby steps to get where we are going.

Find God's purpose for your life. Even if you cannot fully live out God's purpose, do all you can to express or pursue His purpose in your life.

Your idea of victory may need to change. Victory may seem to be no more pain, no more depression, and no more meaninglessness. However, you can only live or win out one minute at a time. When you conquer just a minute, you can conquer the hour, then you can conquer the day.

Most of all seek Christ at all times. Seek to find Him in little healing moments. Look for Him at night, at noontime, or in the morning. Look for Him in places you think He would never be. Most of all, look for Him within your heart for His kingdom resides within you. Christ hears your heartache. He hears and knows your pain. In your future, Christ will come and take you to be with Him where pain and sorrow are no more.

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