Monday, July 16, 2012

Heb 2:14 Since The Children Have Flesh And Blood, He Too Shared In Their Humanity So That By His Death He Might Destroy Him Who Holds The Power Of Death--That Is, The Devil--

Suffering is the price we pay for being free…free to rebel against God and his love for us.

When we are hurting and in pain, then forgiveness holds a special meaning.

Jesus is for giving to us.

Jesus is for giving us an eternal home where there is no pain, suffering, or sorrow.

Jesus is for giving us strength and courage to face tomorrow here on earth,

Jesus is for a winning person, so we do not want to live in defeat.

Jesus is for a person, who, despite the pain, sorrow, and adversities of life, can come back to fight against the darkness afflicting us.

Jesus is for giving us knowledge about how much he loves us.

Jesus is for giving us an understanding of why we have to wait to be free of the pain.

Jesus is for a world where things are better for us.

Jesus is for us always having someone next to us…Him…who really knows what we go through.

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