Saturday, May 19, 2012

Isaiah 46:4 Even To Your Old Age And Gray Hairs I Am He, I Am He Who Will Sustain You. I Have Made You And I Will Carry You; I Will Sustain You And I Will Rescue You.

A Prayer For A Time When You Are In Pain

I love you, Lord Jesus.
I have fallen down and I am bruised.
I am in pain and I have lost my way.
I am in pain and I have made grievous mistakes.
I am in pain and I have committed sins and wrongs.
I am sorry.
I would undo my mistakes but I cannot.
I am sorry I went astray.
I am sorry for the difficulties my life may have caused others.
Instead of love in my heart, there is to often a feeling of bitterness.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
So very often I do not know what I do.
Even when I do not deserve it, I know you come into my life and touch my heart and make me new, whole, and I am reborn.
I seek your mercy for my sins, my transgressions, and my waywardness.
Even when I get caught up in my pain and I turn my back on you, you never turn your back on me.
My pain is no excuse.
I am sorry, for I went my own way and I did not think about you.
I am sorry, for I too often think of my own wants and needs instead of what you want from me.
Please do not hold the repercussions of my sins against those who do not know.
Please protect those who are innocent and na├»ve…those who trust me to be a guide for them.
Thank you for your understanding and compassion even when I do not deserve your favor.
Thank you for carrying my very sins to the cross.
In your Holy and Righteous name,
The name of my blessed Lord Jesus,

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