Sunday, October 21, 2012


Are you seeking the kingdom of Heaven in a world of glamour and glitz? Are you seeking the kingdom of Heaven in a world full of pain and suffering? On one hand, when our faith is strong and our life is in one of those phases where everything falls into place, we are not so concerned about the kingdom of Heaven. However, when pain comes, we want answers. When pain comes, we need help and we need help now. Do not be dismayed. Do not be puzzled. Even your pain can be used by you to glorify God in your life and in the life of others. Even when you keep silent about your pain when you are with others, Christ is working for you to make His love real in your life and in the life of others. We must learn to be patient in our pain. We must learn to let the Lord work for us even when we cannot see Him, hear Him, or know of His presence.

Although we may think we are alone, especially in moments of our pain, we are never alone. The pain TRIES to separate us from God. If we look, we can see how and why Satan wants us in pain. If we look, we can see pain is Satan's ultimate weapon against us. What do we do? What counter weapon do we have? Our greatest counter weapon against pain is meditating, embracing, and attempting to touch love. We may not be skilled in touching love. We may be full of doubts when we try to bring love into our life in the middle of our pain. However, if we submit ourselves to Christ's love...His love already within us, He will not fail us.

Although we might think suffering has no purpose, we are wrong because when we suffer and "hang tough" by holding on to our faith in Christ, battles are being won for Christ. So much happens to us and to the universe when we are in pain, we do not know or appreciate how important we are to the overall plan of God. When we want to give up the battle, we do not see how millions of person's we do not know are tied to us. We do not know how our single battle can affect the course of nations. We are all connected to each other. When we win one hour of our life for Christ by standing against the suffering, our victory in one hour transcends our life and the lives of thousands or millions of persons we do not know.

Although you cannot hear Him with your earthly ears, you can sense His presence, even when the evil one tries to numb you with pain and suffering. The kingdom of God is within. All of who God is, is within you this moment. The way to experience God is to go within your heart, mind, and soul. When you go deep enough into your heart, mind, and soul, you will see Christ waiting for you. Within you, you can hear Christ tell you how much He loves you. Within you, you can find the purpose of your life as seen by Christ. Within you, you will find the glory of God in real ways in real time.

Although your life may be covered over in all kinds of pain, stress, and darkness within your heart, there is a real live person called Jesus Christ who calls you every second. Christ does not call you to take something from you because He is not selfish. Christ calls you to surrender all of your burdens to Him. He cannot and will not hurt you. Christ is standing next to you to help you through every difficult moment. Christ is standing next to you because He loves you more than any person on earth. At this very moment, Christ is real. Although your pain may have separated you from Him for a little while, He will never leave you or forsake you. Even when doubt has attacked you because of your pain, Christ is always working to keep you safe with Him.

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