Monday, September 24, 2012

Letters and remarks from Brother Lawrence (2)

This paragraph is from the chapter entitled "Eleventh Letter" in this book. This book was written or dictated about 1700, perhaps a bit later on in 1700's. The book originally appeared in French. The differences in writing style and grammar construction make it difficult to read compared to today's customs. However, read and read again. Perhaps you will be blessed as have many others. You can download the book from

I wish you could convince yourself that GOD is often (in some sense) nearer to us, and more effectually present with us, in sickness than in health. Rely upon no other Physician; for, according to my apprehension, He reserves your cure to Himself. Put, then, all your trust in Him, and you will soon find the effects of it in your recovery, which we often retard by putting greater confidence in physic than in GOD. Whatever remedies you make use of, they will succeed only so far as He permits. When pains come from GOD, He only can cure them. He often sends diseases of the body to cure those of the soul. Comfort yourself with the sovereign Physician both of the soul and body. Be satisfied with the condition in which GOD places you: however happy you may think me, I envy you. Pains and sufferings would be a paradise to me while I should suffer with my GOD; and the greatest pleasures would be hell to me if I could relish them without Him. All my consolation would be to suffer something for His sake.

Brother of the Resurrection Lawrence. The Practice of the Presence of God the Best Rule of a Holy Life

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