Monday, August 6, 2012

1 Pet 4:13 "But Rejoice That You Participate In The Sufferings Of Christ, So That You May Be Overjoyed When His Glory Is Revealed."

Human beings suffer pain. Pain entered the world when Satan invaded the Garden of Eden. The purpose of Satan and the pain Satan brings has no purpose but to pull us away from God. We must also understand pain will end when we see Jesus in Heaven or upon the earth. However, what do we do now? What do we do until we see Christ face to face? When we are in pain, we must do what seems impossible. When we are in pain we must pray. In pain, we may not pray with any kind of godly force. In pain, our prayer may only be a faint whisper. In pain, we may pray in consuming doubt filling us with darkness of the soul. Yet, we must pray on, and on, and on every hour. Even in pain, we must exert every ounce of our soul to love Christ and love others.

We must show others and show Christ our love for them is undying. Even to our last breath, we must pray and we must love.

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