Saturday, June 9, 2012

1 Thessalonians 3:7 Therefore, Brothers, In All Our Distress And Persecution We Were Encouraged About You Because Of Your Faith.

Our victory over pain is elusive and often unknowable. No one may know about our victory but our Lord and us. There are no parades, no celebrations, and no commendations for heroism in our pain. We very seldom ever get a glimpse of when we win out over the pain. Most of the time, we have no sense of victory because even when the pain leaves us, we have no remaining sense of power to make the pain go away again. However, even when we are absolutely certain we have been and are now living in defeat because our pain has not gone away, we must remain.

We must hold on because holding on and keeping what little faith we have is the victory.

When Satan, who is the author of death and pain, tries to attack us with pain, our not giving up and not giving in is the victory.

Our faith in Christ is the reason we desire to stay alive while even in our pain our desire to stay alive is the victory.

Our desire to live one more moment to thank Him for blessings, blessings held only in the hands of those who may never know us, is the victory.

Our desire to pray one more moment when we are too distracted to pray because of our pain is the victory.

Our resolve to never give up or give in, even when our resolve is now only a whisper in the deafening pain within us…our resolve is the victory.

Even in our pain, our silent words spoken within our heart at the moment just before we leave this life, our silent words saying, "Precious Lord, I love you" is the victory.

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